When and Where
are the Meetings?

Academic Challenge meetings are typically on Thursdays, in Mr. Peck's room. The meetings are held BEFORE school, from 7-8am. So don't worry about it interfering with other in-school activities!


What is Going On?

Student's basically participate in a 'Jeopardy' style competition. They answer questions to score points for their team. The team with the most points wins. In the problem-solving type atmosphere, students can collaborate with others.


Bethany Atwood

TJ Decker

Mark Donnelly

Brianna Howell

Zach Kellicutt

Charity Manwaring

Why be part of Academic Challenge?

You're encouraged to join Academic Challenge, if given the chance, to challenge yourself. The questions are not general knowledge questions. Also, joining the club should not impede your ability to join any other clubs, because the meetings are held right before school. High School Challenge is also a way to express your intellectual and academic achievement.


Joe Materski

Ethan McGowan

Kirsten Sorochinsky

Nick Stevens

Megan Taggert

Paige Warfield

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