Part of the school improvements is the stained glass windows which will go around the school when finished.

Stained Glass

Group photo

About Art Club

Art Club is a place were the students can go to be creative and use the different arts that they might not be able to do in class. The art club members are also improving the school through projects like painted ceiling tiles, glass windows, and painting the new baseball field dugout.

Fund raising: painted ceiling tiles are sold for 5 dollars each see Mr. Palmer if you are interested

Art Dept.

Need art supplies?



Art Club meetings every Monday!


Wyatt Soeffing, Sarah Marye, Alexis Ramstine, Chloe Friedeman, Nicole Carstens, Lyndsey Dixon, Charity Manwaring, Elise Sedlecek, Kayla Gehm, Allison Lewis, Emily Snyder, Kelsey Roberts, Crystal Mahoney, Anne Ellerson, Kristen Jerauld, Jake Pfeiffer, Katie Eaton

President: Kelsey Roberts

Vice President: Kristen Jerauld

Treasurer: Nicole Carstens

Art Ideas

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