This page shows who I am and what I worked on while taking Multi-Media Web Design.

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Multi-Media Web Design is a full year course at Whitney Point High School. From taking this course you get... THREE FREE COLLEGE CREDITS

You also get 1/2 elective credit and 1 Art credit.

But first you must have studio art 1a.

In the class you get to learn Adobe Software (CS5 at the moment), make animations, customize webeagles pages, do stuff in Photoshop, and at the end of the year, the room you're in most of the class is air conditioned (/happy face).

Here is a few songs that are my favorite.

  Shinedown Call Me (Live from Kanasas City Aucostic) Album Somewhere In The Stratosphere

  Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit Album - Meteora

  Godsmack - Re-Align Album - Faceless

  Foo Fighters The Pretender Album - Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace

  LMAFO - Party Rock Anthem Album - Sorry For Party Rocking

  Staind - Outside Album - Break the Cycle

Sorry Mozilla Firefox users for some tracks popping up for you to listen to. (/sad face). Here is a link to possibly fix the quicktime plug-in issue for the controllers not showing up. Also you can try refreshing the page until the controller for the song you want to listen to shows up.

Here is a small video on Multi-Media Web Design (/happy face).

These are a few images of what pages I worked on in this class.

The images that change when you put your cursor over are links to the pages I worked on, the home page, and to contact us.Pages I worked on