Class of 2014

The guidance link is for sophomores who are starting to think about their career or trade. Also, to think about the college/trade-school they want to go to or now about great colleges/trade-schools after high school.

The field hockey and football are the only sports links on this page is because among the sophomore class they are the most popular.

This year for fundraising we have done a Gertrude Hawk sale and a dessert sale.

At Badimitten for Hearts there were forty sophomores in attendence coming in second. The juniors had one more person :(

Class officers

President-Sabrina Taylor

Vice president-Katelyn Allabugh

Treasurer-Emma Maslin

Secretary-Sara Buttoff

Class Advisor- Mrs. Price

Spirit Points-

Position for the end of year picnic (right now)-

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The pictures after the class officers are some more sophomores, click on them for a bigger image. If you want you can expand your internet window to see more pictures of sophomores.